Troy Mothershead at C Street

Troy Mothershead at C Street from Iron & Resin on Vimeo.

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Surfline Photo – Seth deRoulet

Back in December Seth deRoulet got a rad shot of me sliding through the cove, which Surfline so graciously threw into their “West Coast December Swell” (pg18) photo gallery. Stoked!


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Night Moves

Check out – Night Moves - some fun shots from Donnie Hedden


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Toyota 4Runner “Anthem”

I was fortunate enough to get to be a part of this commercial. Chris Malloy of Farm League hired Justin Bastien and I as talent, we got tubed and destroyed at Zuma, ran around the mountains of the Sierra’s, and hung out with some of the most epic people in the world – it was hard to call it work.

also, check out:

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Dyer Brand – Bucky

Dyer Brand – Bucky from Troy Mothershead on Vimeo.

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Greetings From Seward

Greetings From Seaward from Ryan W. Murphy on Vimeo.

A rad short film by some of my friends Ryan Murphy, Nate Ptacek, and Billy Smith.

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Crumble, Jumble, You Tapper Gal

Give the city a lil tappy tap and watch her jumble down, crumble down on the tap shoes her mama gave her when she was 15.

Didn’t matter they built her in more than a day, takes a time or two to get to the right spot . . . don’t yah know?

And boy did she crumble well, as well as her mumbled lies to her mother about tappin’ that piece of wooden floor in the corner of the living room.

Rata-pata-tat-teee-tat, ripidah-dipidah-dadah, tap the tap on the tappitty tap – pretty hard to lie about that.

Corner store, liquor store, deli and smoke shop, they all went down the same.

Keep it real little lady, and don’t you stop your tappin’ now, for the tappin’ just started and the crumbled, jumbled need to keep on crumblin’ and jumblin’.


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